How do I make an appointment?


Simply telephone 0113 295 1600 and choose option 1 to speak with one of our reception team. Feel free to ask for a specific clinician but please appreciate that this may not always be possible at the time you’d like the appointment.

Please don’t be offended if the receptionist asks you for a few details regarding your problem or query. They are trying to help you to the most appropriate clinician as efficiently as possible. You absolutely do not have to give this information, but it does help the staff to book you the most appropriate appointment.

You can book telephone consultations and face to face appointments. Often a telephone call can be more convenient for patients if it’s appropriate. the choice is yours.

Alternatively you  can register for online access and book your appointment over the web. Click for more details.

We also offer an email service for patients who are unable to use the telephone for medical reasons. Please ask a member of the reception team for details.

Please check in at the reception desk when you attend your appointment at the surgery. You can do this with one of our reception team or using the touch screen system on the left of the desk.

Appointments are made at given intervals and our clinicians do endeavour to keep to the appointed times. However, patients should appreciate that sometimes clinicians are called to an emergency or need to spend more with one particular patient, causing them to run late. If you are concerned ask one of our reception team to check how a clinician is doing.



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