Clinics We Offer

Nursing Services

Our large and comprehensively skilled nursing team provide the following services:

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Family Planning
  • Travel and Immunisation Services
  • Minor Illness Clinic

Plus all the standard Practice Nursing skills including:

  • cervical cytology
  • dressings
  • venopuncture
  • ECGs etc.

Partners offer skills in specific areas of expertise and we all “internally refer” which could often mean that a secondary care referral is unnecessary.


Physio First

Joint or muscle problem? See a Physio First!

Fountain Medical Centre is offering a Physio First! service which means  if you are over 18,you will be able to see a physio with a new onset of joint or muscle problems without the need to see a GP.

Please ring and ask for a Physio First Appointment.