Carers Champion

December  2019
Sidra is our new Practice Carers Champion and is responsible for the support of patients that care for someone.  Sidra is available to offer advice and support to all adult and child Carers.  
A carer is anyone who cares for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction cannot cope without their support.  
Sidra is available to give carers the opportunity to be referred onto local carers organisation who can provide  further advice of services in Leeds. 
Sidra will soon be developing a new information point within the practice waiting room  displaying useful information and contacts numbers for Carers.  
We would like to ask all our patients that look after someone to let any member of our practice team know so we can identify you on our clinical system.  By doing this we hope to improve the level of support and offer flexible appointments for all carers and the person who is  cared for. 
If you would like to arrange a meeting or have a chat with Sidra please contact the Surgery or ask at reception. 

Online Access Champion

December 2019

Abby is our Patient Online Access Champion and is available  to offer support and guidance for all patients wanting to access the online services at Fountain Medical Centre. 

 Abby holds regular clinics where patients are booked into a 121 session to introduce them to patient online services.  At these sessions you will be shown how to book appointments, request repeat medications and view brief details of your medical records. 

 All patients wanting to access patient online services need to register by filling in a form (located at reception) and producing ID documentation.  Abby can verify you ID documentation along with helping to complete the registration form at your appointment.

If you would like to book in with Abby please contact the surgery or request a appointment on your next visit to the practice.

The Lions Message in a Bottle scheme

December 2019
The Lions Message in a Bottle scheme is a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a form and in a common location - the fridge.   The scheme can help venerable people but can also be used by anyone.  The scheme works by placing personal and medical information into the  small plastic bottle and sealing the push-fit lid, the bottle is big enough o hold the necessary information.  The bottle should then be placed in the fridge, where the emergency services will expect to look for it in the event of being called to your home.  They will be alerted to your membership of the scheme by two green cross labels.  One label is fixed to the back of your front door ( or the door most used to access your premises), the second label is attached to the door of your fridge.  We have a supply of these Message in a Bottles at the reception desk.  The information required on the form within the bottle is quite straightforward, but you might like to ask a relative, neighbour, carer or one of our reception team members to help you complete this.  The form also has a space for a passport size photograph, but this is only necessary when their is more than one person living at the address ( to aid identification).  
The form requires the following information:
  • Your full name and brief physical description 
  • Your doctors name and the surgery address and telephone number
  • A brief description of any medical conditions you are suffering from 
  • The names , addresses and telephone numbers of two persons who may be contacted in the event of an emergency - sudden illness or accident
  • Details of pets at the property that may need caring for
  • Details of anyone that you might provide care for - Full name and address

It is also recommended that you keep an up to date list of any repeat medications that you may be prescribed.   This information is of great value to the ambulance service.  Paramedics are able to ‚Äčadminister drugs, but need to know of any you are already taking to eliminate the risk of drug interaction. 

Please ask at reception if you are unsure of your repeat medication list.


Building Work

November 2019

Over the next 2 months building works are taking place in the surgery.  This will affect the children’s play area and the offices at the back of the reception desk. 

This is necessary to provide additional clinical consulting rooms.  In addition we will also be updating the signage throughout the building to make it more patient friendly.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


Preparing for Brexit

October 2019

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is leading the response to an EU Exit across the health and care sector.  

DHSC is also the key contact for the sector with the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and the Cabinet Office.  NHS England and NHS Improvement are working closely with DHSC to best prepare the NHS.

All information published by DHSC and other parts of Government on EU Exit can be viewed here.


Learn more by clicking this link.


October 2019

Fountain Medical Centre is in support of helping you split up with smoking this October!!

Join in with the thousands of others dumping smoking for 28 days this October.

Explore the free support options to help you stay strong and help you get through your break-up by clicking here

Flu Clinic 2019

September 2019

Flu clinics at Fountain Medical Centre will be held throughout September and October. This year we will also be holding clinics on a Saturday morning as well as during the week.   Clinics will be a mixture of booked appointments and open clinics.

All eligible patients will be contacted by text, letter or phone call to be advised of the dates.  Please can you notify the practice if you have had your flu injection done at a Pharmacy.

If you would like additional information regarding flu please visit the following external websites:


Free Slimming World Course

August 2019

If it has been identified that your weight is putting your health at risk or you would like help to find a way to manage your weight and reduce any possible risks, then we are now able to refer our patients to Slimming World for a free 12 week Weight Management course. 

To be eligible for this course you must be:

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Identified as overweight with a BMI of 28+
  • Not currently on the NDPP (National Diabetes Prevention Programme)
  • Not attended or self-funded at any weight management service in the last 3 months

If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to be referred or would like further information please contact our Medical Secretary Team on 0113 2951600.

Dr Gogna's Change in Role

16th July 2019

I wanted to inform all of you about my new role as Clinical Director for the Primary Care Network which is made up of 7 local practices in Morley and the surrounding district.

This system will be in place for all areas in Leeds as well as nationally. 

It will be a challenging and demanding role and I hope it will be beneficial to our local community, this does require time  and will have an impact on my availability within the practice.

I hope with my colleagues, as well as your support, I can make it a success.

Best wishes 

Dr S Gogna

Telephone System

21st June 2019

We are sorry that you have been experiencing problems with the telephone system.  We are currently working closely with our telephone provider to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  We are also planning to add additional facilities to the telephone which will help to direct you to the most appropriate person for your call and also let you know where you are in the queue (if the lines are busy). 

In addition to these changes with the telephone we are also recruiting more staff to answer the phone at peak times.

We are continually reviewing the services we offer to all patients and value your suggestions/ideas on how these can be improved. 

Suggestions forms can be completed at reception or via the website.

Online appointments

21st June 2019

From 1 July 2019 Fountain Medical Centre will provide over 25% of appointments available to book online.  If you would like to register for online access please attend the practice with photo id and request an online account. 

Further information can be found on the link below


Clinicare Provider Services

May 2019

All existing Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Dermatology appointments booked with Clinicare Provider Services have been cancelled.

If you have been referred to one of these clinics provided by Clinicare Provider Services then please contact the practice for more information on how to rebook your appointments or visit the Clinicare Provider Services website below.

'Looking out for our neighbours'

April 2019

Looking out for our neighbours is a social movement that aims to prevent loneliness throughout West Yorkshire and Harrogate by encouraging people to do simple things to help out their neighbours

By doing your bit to support people in your neighbourhood, you’ll help to rekindle neighbourly spirit, reduce social isolation and even prevent illnesses such as dementia, heart disease and depression

For more information follow the link below